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8 Clever Tricks for Storing Your Corona Virus Supplies

While you’re staring down a quarantine, it can be hard to find a place to put surplus items—especially if you live in a small home or apartment. Precariously stacking everything in one corner of your living room is always an option. But rather than add to an already stressful situation, I thought I’d help you find a solution that will calm some of that chaos.

Ditch the bulky packaging. Cardboard packaging often takes up double or triple the space of its actual contents. Removing it is a huge space saver.

Make good use of the freezer. Your freezer is good for more than holding frozen foods. Nearly any fresh food item can be frozen. Buy up some fresh fruits & veggies, then store them in your freezer for weeks of healthy meals.

Keep heavy stuff low to the ground. One of the hardest parts about storing a surplus of items is figuring out where to keep the heavy stuff, like large bottles of water. Keep heavier items on the floor to avoid shelf collapse. Another trick is to buy stack-able packs, smaller bottles, or narrow gallon bottles to fit more in the same space.

Go vertical with a stepladder. Don’t be afraid to go vertical when it comes to lightweight supplies like toilet paper and other paper goods. Invest in a fold-able footstool – the top third of most closets isn’t used effectively and efficiently, because it’s difficult to reach for most folks. Remove your lightweight goods from their excess packaging and stack them in the tops of your closets or on top of high furniture in spare rooms.

Look for hiding places in other rooms. If you bought extra supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene products, or other non-edible items, and you are short on the space where you normally keep those items, store those under beds or dressers in your bedrooms or guest bedrooms. If you have empty drawers in a dresser for guests, you could also use those drawers, or extra space in the guest bedroom closet.

Do some spring cleaning (since you’re stuck at home anyway). Create storage space in your home by de-cluttering your current storage areas, like garages, laundry room areas, closets, & under the bed. You can use clear plastic under-bed boxes to hold toiletries and paper goods, or re-purpose an extra room or closet for overstock storage.

Create a store to ‘organize’ your inventory. Space-permitting, you can keep all your supplies out in the open in a makeshift “store.” Ideally, designate an area near the kitchen where all back stock of food and toiletries will be kept. Keep similar items in semi-clear containers that are labeled and stacked. With an in-home store, you’ll always know how much of each item you have left, and how quickly you’re using them.

Pace yourself. Although it might be tempting to buy every last item in the store, take a minute to consider what you really need. It’s important to be mindful when stocking up on surplus items. Ask yourself if it’s still something you’ll need in the coming weeks or months, when the panic dies down.

While no one can foresee the continued impact of the corona virus on the real estate market, you don’t have to feel entirely in the dark. As your local real estate professional, I am committed to the health and safety of your community and pleased to keep you abreast of the changing situation and help you navigate the challenges. If you’re thinking of buying or selling during this turbulent period, or if I can provide any type of information or assistance, don’t hesitate to give me a call. Stay healthy.

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